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Another theory...
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So... Gareth and I were talking and wondering about Jenny... after all, when she regenerated she kept the same form, and as far as we can tell, personality.  So... is it possible this was because her genetic link to the doctor, or some other mcgubbin was responsible, and will it work in reverse, with either Jenny being the reason for a non-changing regeneration, or at least a vague similar reason behind the two incidences...

After all, we all know David Tennant isn't going anywhere, and if nothing else, there is already too much going on and too many characters already running around in this episode (not that I am against that), for there to be another doctor to have to bring in as well....  The more I think about it, the more I think we should have seen this whole scenario on the horizon as soon as Jenny regenerated into herself...

Either way, I'm getting stir crazy.  Our contracts ended on friday and so we're packing to move.... without a job to go to filling the day then this week is going to drag... Which is possibly why we have just spent all evening watching Tom Baker reruns on youtube....


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Umm.. it's customary to put spoilers beneath a cut. I haven't seen that episode yet.

Bollox, sorry I thought I had put on a cut - it's just taken me two attempts to edit a cut in... not sure what's wrong with LJ - but I am sure I did one... Sorry :(

No worries, it looks like everyone and their dog is in it from the trailer, so one more won't make a difference :o)

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yeah, I'd need to rewatch the episode, but although she doesn't do the whole big regenerate thing (as far as we see), I believe they did say she was definitely dead.

As for the massive spoilers.... feel free to message them to me :D

Hi, found on who_daily :)
I thought that Jenny less regenerated and more was healed or revived with the healing/reviving of the planet.

Hmm, quite possibily... I've only seen the ep once (must go back and watch again), and I remember wondering about it at the time...

I think I'm gonna write off the Jenny ideas... but definitely the Doctor is coming back as DT, and it HAS to have something to do with the hand... that I'm sticking to!! :D

Lol, same here. In fact, if you watch his regeneration sequence from that ep, in the background you can see the hand glowing :O It must mean something!

oooooooo!!! Must go and check out iplayer later on :D

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