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Not sure what to do now... Sort of feel like having a good cry... not sure why....

Think I will have a cry....

So the Dr is regenerating... and we already know that DT has signed on for season 5 and a xmas special....

AND earlier in the episode for the first time in a while and seemingly for no reason, we saw the hand that the doctor lost in "The Christmas Invasion"... is it possible that this disembodied member may somehow chain the Doctor to his current form and so when he regenerates he remains as David Tennant?!?!?!!!  

That's the theory I am clinging too... I am sure Rose is clinging to it also... 

Also - I am not usually one to be all about the Companions (as awesome as some of them are), but I do have this thing that Rose is (or at least should be) the only companion he was actually in love with - and it would totally gut it for all of that to be overlooked and forgotten etc.... I really REALLY want the Dr and Rose to have a bit of a pash - nothing over the top, just to show that feeling.  In line with that, I totally loved the look on Donna's face, she knows as well as anyone how in love with Rose he is... 


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I agree with everything you said....about the regeneration especially, we know David Tennant will be back & it's a good job 'cos otherwise I don't know how I would survive a week!!!!

Rose/Doctor: I agree, I don't want anything over the top but throughout the episode we are pretty much told that he is in love with Rose, out of all his companions she is the one he wants to see the most, its there in his eyes!!! I LOVE that Donna is a Doctor/Rose shipper haha!!!

Is it next Saturday yet?

Is it next Saturdat yet?

NO!!! For shame. *sob* If only I had a time machine... :(

Came over from _drwho_, where I was sitting waiting for confirmation that I hadn't simply missed the news that he was leaving. Thanks for the confirmation.

Very interested to see how this turns out... good point about the hand. I hadn't thought of that.

For me, I tihnk the highlight of the episode was when 'Callufrax Minor' appeared on the list of planets. I literally watched The Pirate Planet (in which planets are mysteriously vanishing) about five hours before this ep, so I got a nice little snigger from that. Apparently Callufrax is a bad thing to call a planet if you want it to stick around.

Straight away I was all WTF! Because I had only read the other day about how he's signed on for the xmas special and the next season...

... I hope now that wasn't all some kind of crazy misinformation...

Must not doubt myself... EEP!

Donna is such a D/R shipper! Yay!

I KNOW!!! lol.

I absolutely love Donna.... probably mostly because I totally hated Martha and Donna is so far the other way. Yay for Donna!!!

My sister is now a fan of yours :P She needed a theory to hold her through the next week.

Decent theory though...

I am desperately clutching to that hand!!


WTF! Hopefully being hidden 1 second out of time will be enough to stop the regeneration. There is a teaser trailer being posted tomorrow at one o'clock on the dr who website and next week's episode is 65mins long - can't wait!

Hmmm... also a good theory, about the 1 second out of time... maybe even a combination of the two...


Y'know, I think the Doctor has a really big connection with Sarah Jane as well, as a love interest. Rose is the newer flavor of spice, but I think Sarah Jane will also always hold a place in his heart. Not sure if you're a fan of Forever Knight, but the Doctor is kinda like Nick Knight in this perspective -- always in love with his old lover, Jeanette, but in love also with new lover Natalie.

But ahh! I hope he does regenerate into himself again. You'd think they'd do more with Rose's character after she absorbed the time vortex and all. So much that could be done.

But thanks for posting this and I agree!

Hmm, I'm not sure about SJS... I never saw much of her with the fourth Doctor, but I always got the impression that as she first knew the Doctor as Jon Pertwee, that she didn't really think of him like that and vice versa. I don't think Rose has replaced her in any way.

I think of all his companions SJS is one that he has a lot, if not some of the deepest feelings for, considering their history, etc, but I never thought of them being romantic in either direction...

And the Vortex!!! Yeah, I've always been a bit bummed that there weren't any other lasting effects from that or something - nothing too flashy that would make your eyes roll, but something! After all it wasn't exactly nothing was it, know what I mean :D

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aww :(

*moves Maelorin's finger towards the DOWNLOAD button....*

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Lol, that's ok, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Do you mind if I ask why?

I've hated Martha since about half way through her first episode... over time I grew more reasons to hate her but in the beginning I was going with my gut feeling, lol. Most of season 3 (which I found a huge let down - most especially the finale - SO much more could have been done with the Master!!!), I spent many moments just muttering at the TV "Shut the fuck up, Martha" everytime she said anything...

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Donna totally ships Ten/Rose :D

I know!!! It's just so SQUEEE :D

Clinging right there with you...

*Makes more space in the clinging area and invites everyone to join her*


I have to say it makes me sad that I called the shot happening right before it happened. My brother laughed alot at it, but that it was so easy to call saddened me :(

Just before it happened I was actually joking that SJ was about to come spinning around the corner out of control in her little car....

I think we all knew something HAD to happen.

Good theory! I'd wondered about the shot of the hand, so yeah that would make sense.

And Russell T Davies is so blatantly a Rose/Ten shipper, so I *hope* we'll get some kind of pay off there.

Yeah, as soon as I got over the shock of the episode credits rolling, lol, I was trying desperately to work out what was going on... and the hand came to mind, it was so random at the time I actually commented to Gareth, "why are they showing us the hand..."

I'm just worried that although "Eleven" may possibly remain the form of Ten, will he have the same personality? Will he and Rose still love each other???!?!?!!!


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