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This weekend has been super crazy - went to Bristol Friday night, managed to fit in Bath before coming back to Cardiff tonight! More on all that in a locked post... when I get around to it.

In the meantime...

I bought my wedding dress today!!!


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The rest of you can ignore this - it's just a reply to lady_of_storms from a LJ community - my comment was too long to post as a comment, lol.

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Broadcasting from Cardiff...
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Finally got connected today - we had problems getting our modem delivered. So I'll be back online again now, and as such, thought I would update a few general musings and news, etc.

Iechyd da (that's Welsh for "good health!")

Ok, so first of all, just to let you all know I am getting better. It won't happen over night, but at least I'm on the mend as far as the doctor's can tell. My energy levels are increasing, though I still get tired a lot, but this last week, Gareth and I have tried to go for a little walk everyday to get me out of the house encourage my energy levels. Which is nice as it usually means a nice stroll down to Cardiff Bay, and what can be wrong with that!

My doctor still isn't sure what caused the problems, I have to call back in a couple of weeks for yet more test results, but we have more answers now. Looks like my liver had become inflamed and this is what then caused the low energy and the fatigue and associated aches and pains, etc. This was indicated through bad and nasty liver tests, which have now improved, but are still above normal. Doctor has said I have to see how I go - if I start feeling unwell again then I have to go for more blood tests as this could actually be fluctuating, and if that's the case it could be something nastily serious.
At the moment, until the results come back, and as long as the levels keep coming down, we working on the assumption that it was some sort of virus that decided to attack my liver. So at the moment, let's just hope that's the end of it all and I will get back to 100%.

Have to say it has made the last couple of weeks very nerve wracking and stressful. Still not out of the woods, but getting there, hopefully.

Feels like I'm in a whole other country... possibly because I am...

I may just be a river away from the land of my fathers, but it is so obvious that I am in a whole other country.

I guess the TV is the biggest indicator of this - BBC Wales has slightly different schedules, a few different shows, which is fine. Can't really pick up channel 5 (it doesn't really broadcast over here), though if we fiddle with the aerial we can sometimes get it in the bedroom in the evenings (Go CSI!!). There is a strange channel that I think started on the internet, that is a sort of local channel called Capital TV - it appears to have no real schedule and sometimes has just a blank screen for hours on end, but sometimes it plays good movies (if you happen to catch them as the channel isn't in the TV guide), and often plays Looney Tunes cartoons between half hour snippets of Sky News.
Harder to deal with is S4C, the Welsh channel 4... for two reasons. The scheduling is different, which I can cope with, but the shows that replace all the usual shows you'd expect are all in Welsh!! The most annoying thing about this being that I have an inkling that no one in Wales speaks Welsh naturally. Sure some may have been taught by parents/families, most (like Gareth) learnt from attending a Welsh school, but as far as I can tell, there are no towns/villages/etc in Wales where people just go around talking Welsh - unless they are the fictional towns of Welsh soaps! *sigh*
But the main thing that gets me, the main reason I am starting to hate S4C is because they don't show Hollyoaks!!!! I never realised how much I watched that show! They do show it on a sunday, not an omnibus as such but each episode back to back all morning. However as with everything on S4C, these episodes are a week behind the English ones :( I miss the up to date nightly episodes :( BAH!

Anyway... the TV isn't the only reason I'm feeling a little foreign - all the road signs are in English and Welsh. As are all our household bills, which can be a little confusing when you pull them out of the envelope the wrong way and it just looks like gibberish.

On the plus side though, most things are cheaper than in England (our council tax is much lower than we thought it would be for this area), though some things down at the Bay are pricey obviously as it's a touristy area.

We had a look at a few properties available for sale in this area and it bodes well for when we want to buy! For a two bedroom house in Atlantic Wharf we'd only be looking at a top end of the low £140,000s... which is ridiculous money! We'd pay well over £170,000 for anywhere comparative in a rough area of Bristol let alone a nice area like we're in now.

The Flat

I love the flat!! The location is even better than we had first realised!! Only about 15 minutes walk from town, about the same to Cardiff Bay. Nice little pub with a decent and fairly cheap menu on the street behind us (not even a 5 minute walk away).
The flat itself is smaller than I had originally wanted but it has everything we need, and if anything it's not space we are running out of but shelves - really need a small bookshelf in our bedroom.

The only thing I'm not keen on in the flat is the light fixture in our room and the wardrobe doors (they are mirrors). But as we're only renting it's not too much of an issue.

I guess that's it for now. It's all I can think of for the moment, and I'm getting very groggy - way past my bedtime. So if there's anything I missed out, just ask. :)
Night all.

Progress report...
Things are looking good on the moving front. After a bit of craziness it looks like references are coming together and I've had loads of interest from agencies in Cardiff. The Adecco there said that if I pop in when I move they should be able to place me within a few days, and possibly even in permanent work, but at the least in temp work. This is all good, and I totally believe them as almost all my temp jobs were through Adecco and they never misled me and I was always straight into another job. But if worst comes to worst we still have some savings that didn't get spent on solicitors fees as we ended up not buying, so we can afford for me not to be in work immediately.
I've also seen an amazing semi-heritage position with the city council that I will be applying for, and with my background I'd be a little shocked if I didn't at least get an interview.

I'm getting very excited about moving to Cardiff, and maybe just a little paranoid that it wont happen - after the trouble I've had with houses, etc, I probably still wont believe it's happening until we've been there a week :)

Packing is slow and arduous, partially because I am still a little ill and the doctor is sending me for blood tests. She thinks I may have a thyroid problem. Not too sure I like the sound of it, but as long as it's something she can just give me some pills for then I'm all happy. I don't like being ill.

Right, time for bed... Bet you're all looking forward to more public updates?!?!?!
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Happy 2008, here, have another update!
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Yes, already another non-flocked update you lucky people. But yes, in the space of a few days, things have been aquickly changing.

It's all a mixture of good and bad news really. First of all, the bad news is that I am currently suffering quite a bit with some medical issues. Nothing serious, as yet, but involving my baby-making-parts, lots of pain and lots of scares. I am currently writing this in some amount of pain causing waves of sickness to pass through me - but, hey, at least I'm finally out of bed (for the moment). This has been knocking me on my back since around Christmas, and was so serious I even dragged myself to the Doctor (I hate bothering doctors), though she was a little more worried than I liked and if things don't sort themselves out in the next week and a half, I have to go back and see her. That should be interesting, as at the moment, there are several hours a day when I can't even move and just lie in a ball crippled in pain - fun!

I did manage to drag myself into work on New Years eve (which was lucky as hardly anyone else came in), but was thankful they sent us home at lunchtime. The pain does always seem more in the afternoon and evening - which made yesterday night not much fun. Will have to see how I go the rest of the week. Fingers crossed for no scary (or scarier) medical opinions. Yup.

But, enough of the bad news, now to the good and less painful news (mostly). So, plans to move have fallen through again, with the agency screwing us around to the point of exhaustion, we kicked the whole thing in the head - or more accurately it all fell through just before the weekend. This resulted in us desperately searching the internet for lettings in Bristol all Saturday night. This turned up nothing - there was no where in our price range and the areas we wanted, in fact most places were in the area we currently live in for more money. pfft!

So... as mentioned previously, we had considered Cardiff a future option and Gareth suggested we have a quick look there. The drop in prices was ridiculous - Cardiff may be a capital city, but Bristol is one of the most expensive places in the UK. Anyways, we called a couple of people and got through to this lovely lady with a nice little 2 bedroom apartment to let in the rather gorgeous area of Atlantic Wharf - the residential part of Cardiff Bay. Gareth organised for us to go there Sunday afternoon and I managed to get out of bed long enough to go with him and have a look. We accepted the place on the spot, and now just have to sort references, but have a moving date lined up for 19th January if all goes well. It's a little bit smaller than I would have liked, but absolutely beautiful, recently refurnished and with a new kitchen and bathroom suite. I'm trying not to look forward to it too much in case something else goes wrong, but we'll see.

This has thrown up a couple of issues - Firstly, although the apartment is costing a substantial amount of money less than the place we were looking at in Bristol, we can still only afford for one of us to commute, and as Gareth is on more money, it will have to be him. As such I will be looking for a new job in Cardiff, but even if I have to temp for a couple of months, this shouldn't be an issue, and Gareth can commute as long as he wants, but shouldn't have a problem finding a job when he wants to considering that he's fluent in Welsh. It's a big step and huge change, but I think maybe in some way, this is what we needed.
Bristol has been frustrating me for sometime, especially with all this flat hunting, but despite the job situation, this may be a change for the good.

Anyways, I need to get back to bed, I'm starting to feel a little sick again (the pain is making me a bit sick *sigh*). Mep.

General 2007 update...
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So, after spending hours locking my whole journal, I have decided to start making the occasional unlocked entry at the request of friends who hardly ever sign in, or don't have LJs, and who am I to suspend their pleasure.

Thought most of the unlocked entries will be quizes and crap, there will also be the odd general update, such as this one.

A lot has happened this year, so I thought I would give a quick rundown on the year past and plans for 2008... Regular readers have probably heard all of this before....

First and foremostly, I met Gareth, the love of my life. This disturbed me at first, and those of you around at the time may remember quite how much this single gal freaked out. I have always loved being single, had no plans to settle down, and always thought that if I did, it wouldn't quite be conventional.
I really hate people that always so that single people may be happy, but it's only because they haven't met the right person yet, etc. I hate that. Yes I was happy single, but I'm not any happier being in a relationship, it's just different. I had a no interest in being in a relationship, it just happened and I'm glad it did, even if it is quite different to what I had imagined.
Gareth asked me one day why I had never really thought about being in a relationship before when we were so good together etc, and I answered "it's not the relationship that makes me happy, it's you." I know cue the sickbags :)

On the house front, it's been very active. My lovely and dear Tori moved in with her girlfriend, which was heart breaking, but I was happy for them when they eventually bought a place of their own. I miss Tor lots, but we're both making the effort to see each other more these days :)

Katie moved in, which has been fun, and I will always remember the day we spent vegging in her room and watching one of the worst Xmas movies I've ever seen (The Family Stone) well before xmas was even on the horizon!!

Then my great and wonderful friend Rijan also broke my heart by moving to Bath to be closer to work. I'm glad it's all working out for her there, but I miss her loads (even more at the moment as she is away in Australia with her family for xmas).

Gareth then moved in, which has been fun. However, we then got wind of great housing deal that was going on closer to the city and saw this as a great opportunity to get on the property ladder. So we had to think hard about whether to move, and after remembering a few issues that have happened with the house and things not getting done (our rickety front door should have been replaced over a year ago and still hasnt been, etc), we decided to go for it. Unfortunately, this was all around the time of Northern Rock going down and so the mortgage market died overnight and left us with nothing - at least we hadn't paid anything to anyone at this point, though it had wasted a lot of our time in paperwork, etc.
After having decided to move to our own place, for a few reasons - firstly, to have our own place, secondly because this house just hasn't been the same for me since Tori and Rijan moved out, and thirdly because of all the issues with the house that had made us consider a mortgage in the first place. A mortgage then is off the cards for a little longer and we should be moving by the middle of January to an amazing split level flat that we found in Old Market, about 5 minutes walk from both our works and the town centre!

I got two new tattoos earlier in the year - an Aries symbol on the inside of my right wrist, and a Spartan warrior on horseback above my right hip.

On the job front, I seem to have gone through every temp job possible this year before finding a decent permanent job with an Insurance Company. The job is ok, no stress really which is what I needed after all that temping. The money could be better but the company is very flexible, which has been handy, and if I decide to study again the flexibility would be good. Even so, I am still looking around for things in my field and we'll see what happens next year.

The family is all well, and most of us (me, Gareth, Mum, Dad, Daniel, Kim, Uncle Tim, Ebby, Nan and her boyfriend Norman) are all going to Mauritius for a fortnight in March, partly to visit Dan's girlfriend Anouska. Should be fun. And my "new family" are also well - that would be my inlaws. I've met pretty much all of them now and had a really lovely meal and bowling night out with them all a few days before xmas. Gareth's grandparents are bowling sharks!! Possibly secret skittlers!

Christmas was nice. I wasn't feeling very festive, but looking back, Christmas Day itself was fun. Gareth and I stayed over with my parents until Boxing Day. We had a lot of fun eating crap and watching crap - all good christmassy fun.

So what does the New Year hold?

By mid-January we are hoping to be in the new flat, and to be honest I can't wait. I fell in love with the place straight away, so I'm almost constantly thinking about where we are going to be putting furniture etc.
However, we still haven't given up on the idea of buying our own place, so we are seriously thinking about moving to Cardiff (probably after next Xmas now, depending on what opportunities arise), as the Welsh Government give better assistance to first time buyers. Plus as Gareth speaks Welsh fluently, he will be able to get a really good job over there, and personally I would love to live in a Capital City that isn't crazy old London. Cardiff is the perfect Capital City for a country girl :)

Of course, planning for moving to Cardiff may be a long slow process as we'll also be planning our wedding!! Gareth and I got engaged a couple of months ago and have booked the venue that we both really wanted, for Novemeber 16th 2008. I'm hoping to have lots of fun planning it and glad that friends like Mickie and Karen will be flying to the UK for it.

As far as jobs go... I'm happy where I am at the moment, though obviously it isn't a long term option. Hopefully, find something a little more related to my field, and possibly something over in Cardiff - they sometimes have some good jobs advertised over at the museum - we'll see how it goes.
As I mentioned earlier though, the flexibility of the job is good if I want to go back to study part time. I had considered doing my Phd through distance learning, but not sure it will make my plight any better considering how specialised my MA already is. But maybe heritage and musuem based post grad certificate or diploma. We'll see.

So, I guess that's mostly it. Or at least all the big stuff, I'm sure there are lots of little things I have forgotten to mention. Like the amazing boots Gareth bought me for Xmas...

Flist Cut part 2
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Ok, so I know the last cut wasn't that long ago, but yeah, I'm being totally brutal this time and pretty much the only people left are friends from real life who I use LJ to keep in touch with.

Can't imagine there will be any more slicing and dicing in the near future, I'm just going through one of those periods of stripping things down to the bare bones. Anyways...

Major FLIST Slice and Dice....
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So, here tis. I've been meaning to do this for a very long while, and now seems as good a time as any.

With Mum sick and me with a resulting intermitent access, it feels like now is the right time.

Sure, there are other factors. There are a lot of people on my F-List that I just don't really talk to anymore, and to be fair, I've been thinking this for a long while (since I got MySpace in fact), that initially my LJ was to keep in touch with friends who had moved away or stayed places I had moved from. People I know in real life essentially. It's not that I dont like or am not interested in everyone else, I just don't have the time and need to prioritise.

There are a number of factors cutting down my time - firstly, looking for a new job is a full time job, and since I already have one of those, it doesn't leave a lot of time for much else.

The other reason, obviously, is that I want to spend time with real life people and not all the time on the internet (which I used to be able to do in my old job when I had access at work, but these days is a struggle). I have two amazing housemates, and though one of them is leaving (which will result in me having even less time as I'll be visiting her, etc). I also have a boyfriend I want to spend time with, and if that makes me pathetic, them colour me a pansy.

This is part of a huge shakeup to be honest. I'm deleting my MySpace, I havent been on it weeks and past the initial newness actually lost interest in it very quickly and don't particularly care for it to be hanging around. I am also changing back to my old YIM address for IM as it has all my real-life friends on it. So, yeah, here's me being drastic. EEP.

If there is anyone strongly opposed to being cut then please let me know.

This has taken me hours...
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My LJ is now friends locked.

Pretty much everyone I know is already on my F-List, but if there are any more of you out there, please drop me a line.


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